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My Oregon Photographer

I am so excited to tell you about a project that myself and 5 other local photographers have come together to work on. We are looking for one couple who is getting married on June 3rd, 2017 and is looking for a very unique photography experience.  


Can’t choose your wedding photographer? Now you don’t have to.

Searching for the Perfect Wedding Photographer?

Now you don’t have to decide on just one look or style of wedding photography. You love photography and want to have it all. The photographers at My Oregon Photographer are collaborating on one dream wedding. We could be the answer to your wedding photography question: Who do I want to photograph my once-in-a-lifetime event? This is a perfect opportunity for the couple that loves artistry and diversity in their photography, to have something completely unique.

6 unique photographers collaborating on a single wedding for your once in a lifetime experience.

My Oregon Photographer is a group of photographers who come together once a year to collaborate on one wedding, bringing all of their expertise together to offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These photographers have made themselves available for one special couple getting married on June 3, 2017

Our Vision for your wedding photography experience.

We want to come together to offer one amazing couple a dream team of wedding photography.

  • Love details? So do we!
  • Love amazing candids? So do we!
  • Love stylish & modern portraiture? So do we!
  • Love the idea of two photographer coverage? So do we!
  • We are giving our best talents, and collaborating our strengths to give you a totally unique experience.
  • Let’s be real: wedding photographers have different specialties and love for the wedding day. We are going to make sure that our specialty is put to the test.
  • This isn’t for everyone. We understand that.
  • You have looked through our work and styles and love it all.


If you would like to be considered, contact My Oregon Photographer at and be sure to check out even more info about the project at

Chris + Amy

I am dying to share Chris and Amy’s beautiful intimate wedding, but I thought I should share their engagement session first! Although they had been together for years their engagement was short. We shot their engagement session a week before they would say “I do” in front of less than 30 people.

Oregon Engagement

Chris and Amy’s love story is so sweet. I asked them both how they met and their answer made me smile and laugh.

Amy: We actually met in high school! Chris was two years younger and played sports with my younger brother, Jason. I thought he was funny and tall but our paths didn’t cross again until college when we would get together for poker nights at a mutual friends home. (He likes to say he knew I was the one when I grabbed his butt one of those nights.) Again, I found him funny and tall but this time I also noticed that he was very smart, well liked and respected amongst his friends and a person who even after losing his chips would have a smile and a joke and be enjoying his time amongst friends while also being warm towards me. Before we had even thought about a first date my best friend, Dayle had prophesied at poker “you’re going to marry him, just wait and see!” I thought she was crazy but before long it seemed like we were losing our hands just to get out of the game early to hang out. I know I was guilty of sneakily adding Chris to the mix whenever we would plan bowling nights or all go to the movies. I would tell my brother Jason that he should see if Chris wanted to come too & before long it was just Chris and I at the movies. Our first date was going to see King Kong lol and that was in December 2005! We have been inseparable and committed to each other through the ups and downs of life ever since.

Chris: We met in high school. We had a home room type class together that met once a month. She was 2 grades ahead of me, so we didn’t really have any classes together besides that one. I thought she was cute, and she laughed at my jokes and she was really the only one I talked to during those classes. We didn’t date in high school, but I was friends with her brother. In college I would play poker with her brother and some other friends. She came to play one night, enjoyed it, and became a regular member of the group. I’m pretty sure she made sure to lose shortly after I did every time just so she could spend time with me.

Harry + Jessica

Ekkkk! Where do I even begin with these two. First off they are just the sweetest and most in love people. When we first started chatting about their engagement session they asked if they could bring their pup, Charlie. Of course, I said “Yes!” Now, I think it needs to be a must for every one of my couples to bring their dogs. Charlie even has her own instagram account!


Harry and Jessica first met while working at Sweet Cheek Winery, the same place their wedding will be held. I loved that they were down for a little break during our shoot for some snuggling and wine.