Jordan + Megan | Oregon Wedding | Ashley Cook Photography

Jordan + Megan

How did you meet?
  • Jordan: We met on and had our first date almost exactly 4 years before our wedding day.
  • Megan: We met on  I “winked” at him, and he messaged me.  Our first date was at a Thai restaurant for lunch, and we ended up being the only ones in the whole restaurant (awkward).  Luckily, our second date was much better!
What was the theme/ style/ vision for your wedding?
  • Rustic and crafty. My dad cut down a tree in his back yard and made over 50 beautiful wood rounds for our centerpieces.  We crafted a lot for the wedding – making easels, chalkboard signs, and painting vases in blue, grey, and ivory hues. Doing everything on our own made us really proud of what we put together.  I was really excited to find a florist in town (Chase Flowers) who let us bring a group in and put together our centerpieces.  I loved the combination of hydrangeas, baby’s breath, sage leaves, and berries.
 Tell us about your dress.
  • I loved it!  I found it at Charlotte’s in Beaverton, Oregon.  It’s made by “Sweetheart” and is simple, flowy, and I found the perfect grey lace and burlap belt to match the theme. What I loved about it the most was that I found it with my Dad, aunts (who are like my mom’s), and my maid of honor.
How did you choose your venue?
  • We had gone hiking at Mt. Pisgah several times before looking for a venue. When we visited the venue to see if we would like it for our wedding, we completely fell in love with the oak trees, open pavilion, outdoor feel, and the fact that our money would be going to preserve the arboretum.
What special touches did you add to your day special to make it perfect for you?
  • Jordan: A little Spider-Man crawling out of the wedding cake. He’s been my favorite super hero since I was a child. We also made big printouts of our heads for our photo booth because we knew we wouldn’t have time to take pictures with everyone.
  • Megan: We took a photo holding pictures of our parents on their wedding days.  It’s one of my favorite photos and makes me think about all of the big and little decisions in life that ultimately led Jordan and I to finding each other.
What is your fondest memory of the day?
  • Jordan: I have two favorite memories. The first is our first look. I was feeling nervous that whole morning and that moment when I finally saw Megan melted away all my nerves. It felt like it was only the two of us in that whole area, even though Ashley was taking tons of pictures. The second is right before the ceremony started. Megan was hiding in a small room while all the guests arrived. I snuck in and we had 2 minutes to soak up the moment before before everything started.
  • Megan: His answers are pretty good 🙂 For me, it was our vows (#burpvows). Jordan’s dad marrying us along with writing our own vows made it all feel very personal and “us.”  I completely broke down with ugly cries during our vows – Jordan made me laugh and cry, and it was so fun hearing from friends and family that they enjoyed them too 🙂
 If you did a first look would you recommend it to another brides and grooms? Why?
  • Absolutely. It was great to see each other before the ceremony and shake off some of our nerves. After the ceremony we were able to instantly mingle with our guests and enjoy being married.
What advice would you give to couples currently planning their wedding?
  • It is remarkable how fast the day goes by. You’ll be talking to so many people and going this way and that way. It is important to plan some time for yourself in order to have some special moments where you can soak everything in.
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the details and planning.  Take some “no-wedding-talk” days, and remember that its normal to be stressed: unless you work with your partner, planning a large event together is probably new territory 🙂