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Mike and Elyse | Oregon Engagement session | Oregon Engagement Photographer | Ashley Cook Photography |

Mike and Elyse

Oregon Engagement

Makeup by Reina

My poor little blog has been neglected lately. The good news is I will have lots of sun-soaked sessions from this summer to share when it is cold and raining.

Starting off the blogging marathon is Mike and Elyse and their Engagement session. I absolutely love shooting engagement sessions. It’s one of the many reasons why I include an engagement session in all of my wedding packages.

Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 1 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 02 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 2 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 3 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 4 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 5 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 6 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 7 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 8 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 9 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 10 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 11 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 12 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 13 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 014 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 14 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 15 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 16 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 17 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 18 Ashley_Cook_Photography_Oregon_wedding_Photogpher 19

I love the little pumpkins that Elyse painted for their save the dates.

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