My little Miss At-ti-tuuude | Ashley Cook Photography |


There is so much attitude in the post it is crazy!

I decide a while ago that every year from now on I would do a mini photo shoot for Shavelle (and any of my other little ones 😉 ) on their birthday that was all about them. So I let her pick the outfit and bribed her by letting her wear a little makeup lol. I tried to get her to pose for the first 30 seconds and realized that that thought was not going to last long. But that was ok. I wanted this to be about her and so years from now I can look back and say ” Yup! That was totally you and how you acted when you were 4.”

So hope you all enjoy getting to see a little bit of me and Matts special little gift that is wrapped with an attitude ribbon.

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  • Doug Steiner - Those were great photos of my little lovie and to think we get to enjoy that little attitude all the time .