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New sign! | Ashley Cook Photography |

Ahhhh… The sign on the car thing. It is something that I have gone back and forth about for months now. Is it cheesy or just really good advertising? Cheesy or good advertising? Cheesy or good advertising? It’s a nightmare in my head sometimes lol.

Should I be my own personal rolling billboard? And then it hit me like a train. Light bulb!! Why should I put my money into adverting, when I am already paying to drive my car around almost everyday!

Sooooo… the sign is on! And I don’t think it looks half bad. Is it kind of ironic that my logo is a sweet little bird and its on my blacked out, burly hummer!? hehe! Oh well, I am sort of loving it 🙂 I guess this means I might need to control my road rage a bit 😉



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