Q: What makes your work different from other photographers’ work?

A: I take all of our photos in an intimate, relaxed settings and try to use natural lighting as often as possible. Relaxing and trusting me is the key to great candid images!

Q:What does it mean when you say you are a “Natural light Photographer”?

A:That means I don’t use flashes and studio lights to create my images. I do have flashes that I will use on a wedding day when I need to.  But for the most part I will position my clients to find the best light and use a reflector if I have to.

Q: What style would you call your Photography?

A: photojournalists! I am telling a story through the photographs that I capture for you on your wedding day.

Q: Will we get the print right to our photos after our wedding?

A: Yes! Upon receiving your images, you will also get a print release.

Q: How will I get all of my images?

A: I send your images to you through a program called PASS. PASS is an online custom Gallery that allows you to download all of your images and carry them with you on any device. All of your images will be stored in the cloud for 10 years.

Q:Will I get all of the images that you shoot during my session or wedding?

A:NO! To be honest you won’t want all of them. Sometime it take 2 to 3 shots to make sure the lighting and my setting are just how I want them. When I am taking a group/family shot I take A LOT of the same group! That way I know I will get one image with everyone smiling and no one blinking. I give you the best of the best!

Q:Can we have all of the RAW images and so we can edit them ourselves?

A:No. Other photographers are able to send their images out to other companies who edit their images for them. I always try to get everything as perfect in camera as possible. But I feel like editing/color correcting is like putting a beautiful bow on a beautifully wrapped gift. It’s just not something I am able to let go of.

Q: How long will it be before I get all of my images?

A:For Portrait work I will always deliver your images within 2-3 weeks (unless otherwise stated). For weddings you will get a sneak peek the week following your wedding. All of your digital images will be ready within 6-8 weeks (unless otherwise stated).

Q: How many photographers will be at our wedding?

A: Most of my collections offer two photographers in order to get multiple perspectives and extra shots of all of the details. I will always be the main photographer. I have several other professional photographers who work with me as second shooters.

Q: Will we get featured in a magazine or blog?

A: Although many of my sessions do get featured, this is not something that is guaranteed. Most publishers are interested in uniquely designed weddings or sessions!

Q: Are the people on your site models?

A:  While I am lucky enough to work with gorgeous people, the images shown on my site and blog are of regular, paying clients.

Q: How do we reserve our date for a wedding?

A: I always love to get together and chat with future Brides and Grooms before a date is reserved. A 25% deposit and signed contract is required in order to get your wedding day on the calendar.

Q: How do I book a senior, engagement or portrait session?

A: Give me a call or shoot me and email and we can chat about what you would like for your session. We can work out all the details and pick a date that works for you. You pay a $100 deposit (that does apply towards your total amount due) and then you are booked!

Q: Do I have to order prints through you?

A: I highly recommend ordering prints through my professional lab, but it is not required. The difference in quality is HUGE when it comes to ordering through a local printer and a professional lab. I encourage clients to always order through my professional lab, which you can do right from PASS!

Q: Did you go to school to learn Photography?

A:No! I am self-taught. I read every book, blog, and article I could get my hand on when I first picked up a camera. And Then I practiced and practiced and practiced some more!

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: I shoot with Canon equipment – the 5D Mark III, the 5D Mark I, 35mm lens, 50mm lens, 85mm lens, 100mm macro lens, 70-200mm lens along with other lens and flashes. I also use a cute little Fuji film mini. Just so you have a few fun Polaroid to take with you after your shoot or wedding!

If you still have questions feel free to email me!