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Oregon Beach Cliffside Anniversary Shoot

Brandon and Jenya live in the Pacific Northwest now, but met when Brandon was attending a co-workers Thanksgiving in South Korea when he was there teaching English. Interesting fact-Jenya had formerly been on Korea’s Next Top Model! Her sister was organizing the Thanksgiving dinner and once the couple saw each other that was it!

They got married but never had traditional wedding garb or photos, so it was really special to be a part of their anniversary session where they were both giddy at seeing the other one in wedding clothes despite having been married for three years already!

The session was up on the cliffs above the Oregon Coast, along foggy fern-lined paths and craggy hills. The air was crisp and the couple was elated.

We did part of their session in a nearly one-hundred-year-old structure that was built after the war. In a fitting bit of serendipity, a woman walked by and told us her Grandparents had actually worked on it!

-Rebekah Carey of Cottage Hill




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Creative Direction & Styling by Rebekah Carey of A & B Creative Photography by Ashley Cook Photography Photography Mentor, Amanda K Paper Product Design Studio, Luzance Flowers by Sarah Blasi of Selva Floral Gown by Lena Medoyeff Bridal Veil by Melinda Rose Jewelry from Minoux Hair and Make-Up by Austie Eckley Bowls from Jered’s Pottery